Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A place of one's own

It seems that I've taken a random pause from my blog for the past month. I've been so busy living life that there hasn't been the time or the urge to write. Then there are my  thoughts on  this blogging thing..I mean, is anyone really reading these posts? Does any one really care about laundry, living sustainably, or my thoughts about these concepts? Anyway, life and random thoughts and realizations have been swirling in my this construct called a Bedroom. I'm thinking, why does a bed have to be in the bedroom? What's up with this  idea that one sleeps on this mattress with a headboard and foot board in a bedroom??? My queen sized bed took two thirds of the space in my "bedroom"!  I thought, I want a Salon! So I retired my queen sized turn century cast iron bed to the garage until I can find it a new home. I gave away my Deluxe Pillow-Top and took back my space!! A room of my own! My Salon!  I bought the most sensual 60's periwinkle 7 foot couch ode to Grace Kelley, found the most sumptuous chaise with down cushions!  My new bed is a Japanese futon which is my daily reminder of the simplicity of rest. I love the space I've created..moving around my room, sampling the different views and energy, sitting, lounging, sleeping, dancing! I appreciate the ritual of laying out my bed in the evening, a signal that it's the end of the day and it's quite time, a settling of the mind and body. When I awake, I take a deep stretch, then fold the bedding in a sequence that respects the bedding down in the evening. So simply elegant in purely functional way. Honoring my self...taking naps when I need them, walking, sharing,  taking my time to enjoy the bath, showering in the garden, working in the garden, being around people that interest me staying in the moment. I guess it takes honest living to come to life altering realizations , ah ha moments are pretty cool! It's kinda like the puzzle pieces are starting to fit together and you are starting to get the picture. Get your Ah Ha On! If anything in my post resonates with you, then I am pleased, I want your lives and moments to be fulfilling and thought provoking as mine are at times.
Be daring, write your own scrips, lay in the voluptuous beds you make, create a room of your own! Shake it up people, let em know you were there!!!