Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living life one moment at a time................

I've been so full in life that documenting my learning experiences seem daunting, I hadn't realized that it had been three months since I sat down to share on my blog.
We are embarking on a new year, the Chinese year of the Dragon 2012.
I was born in the year of the dragon and I anticipate that it will be a powerful year of changes and growth. I've learned a lot about myself this past year through my interactions with people and the events that caught my attention,so indulge me while I share and forgive me if I digress...comes with age..ah hem, I meant to say wisdom.
I've learned that It is as difficult to be a teen as it is for me being a parent of a teen. Being  human is complicated, being a Human Being is not. I love the light of dusk when everything seems so clean and magical in that golden light. It's an interesting process this thing called aging no matter how graceful.Ha!
Discovering that my once full supple ass left the camp is sobering at best, add that to the one grey hair in my pubis! How rude!! I feel the same in my mind from 20 years earlier, but my body say's otherwise.!! If it were not for the fact that I possess  a coolness factor in  my being, I'd join the ranks of the invisible for folks like me of a certain age. See, I'm digressing..on and on about aging..anyway..I've learned that I love living life in the moment and my goal is to string those moments together to create wisdom and living life to the fullest. I'm discovering what really matters in relationships, the acquisition of "things", how my clothes feel on my body, how grateful I am for my perspective and ultimately my life. I have no goals except to do more of what I'm doing, creating sustainable living spaces, restoring things, traveling and sharing and loving.

This year I'd like to laugh more, dance more, stay healthy, ride my motorcycle more, learn motorcycle and truck maintenance, meet some really cool and interesting folks, have all that I need and more with enough to share, inspire and to keep learning! I'd also like to enjoy the moment when my son and daughter realize how magnificent they are and to harness their power in ways beyond their wildest imagination!
Bountiful New Year!!