Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What they're saying about Old School Brand!

I needed a non allergenic laundry soap and yours seems to fit the bill!- Michael Barnard

I love the detergent! It gave a really clean wash and left a wonderful smell. -J. Gayle

Hi Renee- I love 'Old School', I like how it cleans, how little I use, which is a water savings and the best part, NO PLASTIC!!!! Plus I can send back the package to you for a refill. Best Regards-Janet

I LOVE the detergent. I usually hate scented anything, but the scent of that stuff is very understated (like myself) and pleasant. David really liked it too. I will have to get some more.-C. Bradshaw

I Love your soap! do you have a bigger size? -E. Green

Thank you all for your continued support, it's really a lot of fun bringing community together over clean laundry! I have a following in my neighborhood that knock on my door for refills. It's like a scene out of a movie. A neighbor knocks on the door, I crack the door open peering out, she whispers,"you got any more of that soap?, I'm runnin a little low, front me a bag until Friday". They're hooked! She walks away smelling the bag of soap! LOL!! So cool!
Listen, you all need to indulge yourselves if you can by hanging your laundy out on a line. Hang it on a tree even.The fresh smell of clean laundry on the line is indeed divine!! We have NO dryer at our house and the electric bill has been cut in half!! Really! You would be amazed at how much power a dryer consumes!
My teenage kids are now timing their wash to be lined dry! Now that is a major accomplishment!
Wishing you all a great week...keep in touch!

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