Friday, October 21, 2011

"Go where the love is"

It's been a couple of months since I shared on my blog...I guess I've been so busy living that I've haven't had the inclination to document in words my observations. Since then, my firstborn turned 21 and is attending culinary school in Napa. My second born got two new tattoo's, three more piercings, is artfully sporting blue hair, has survived a break-up with her boyfriend, got on and off the water polo team, tricked me into buying an eye-cam (for french class, yea right) so that she can hang out more on her computer. Nuff said regarding the roller coaster ride of mother daughter relationships!

As for me, I've been creating some artful gardens, meeting new people and finding joy in small things. Oh yes, that includes riding my motorcycle! Hell yea, which brings me to the essence of this post, going where the love is.
I read a post on Dominique Browning's blog, Slow Love Life  that expresses my sentiment so well. Allow me to share an excerpt with you here:

Go where the love is.
Don't try to make people love you. It can't happen.

Don't beat your head against closed doors behind which sit people who don't understand, or can't see, or won't see, what you have to offer.

Don't waste energy trying to convince people of your worth, when they can't see it in your work; they don't want to see it, either because they're intimidated, or have a conflicting agenda.

Don't bury your star--and we all have stars, and all of our stars sparkle with so many different talents, abilities, traits, qualities--don't bury yours among dark-minded people, where it will only tarnish.

Don't keep trying to detoxify poisonous situations. That's my big problem. I'm always the Pollyana, always believing that better is just around the corner, and always willing to fight to get there.

Sometimes better isn't around the corner--and the fight only depletes precious inner resources. Sometimes the only way to end a bad situation is to walk away.

And go where the love is.

That means not only doing what you love, but being where people love you--where they understand what you do, and, more important, where they have an affinity for who you are. Where the wellspring of creativity can be nurtured.

I know. Many people have jobs they loathe, and they can't afford to move on. Many people have bosses and colleagues who bear them ill will. To you, I offer only the hope that you can keep an eye out for something better, that you might someday be able to move on.

And in the meantime, shield your heart from the pain of not being appreciated--and figure out how to go where the love is in the rest of your life. Go home and make music. Go into the garden and paint pictures.

And to those just starting out in the world, wondering where you should start? Same thing. Go where the love is.

And don't be surprised if you find yourself learning the same life lessons over and over again.

Find the love. And go there.


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  1. Thanks for this post! Sometimes we need a reminder that love is waiting for us to find it. Especially in these troubling times.