Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old School Brand Laundry Soap..the beginning

The inspiration for Old School Laundry Soap was the constant dirt and stain challenges my now teenage kids brought home from school. Once a teacher sent home a note apologizing for my daughter's dirty clothes! No worries, I had a history of getting clothes clean behind me. I had the matriarch's in my family's collective housekeeping skills as maids over the last two century's.
As a child, I was often given the task of ironing the dinner napkins, later graduating to collars and cuffs of men's shirts.

There is just something wonderful about crisp fresh smelling laundry from the clothes line! Many times I was reprimanded for twirling amongst the laundered sheets!! airy and fresh! I've never forgotten the scent and the luxury of sun dried sheets to this day!!
I challenge you to air dry your laundry! You will not only love the freshness, but the dollars you'll save on energy costs!!
I've used many commercial brands over the years and have not been impressed. I knew what I needed, and it wasn't more perfumes, dyes, fillers,or colorful boxes offering something new and improved! I just wanted clean, fresh and no junk!!

With Old School Laundry Soap, I am sharing a family tradition of clean fresh laundry! Hard working laundry soap that gets the job done without bleach or additives. I hand mill our soap in small batches in Los Angeles. We have inspired a following that appreciates the cut to the clean of our soap, as well as the fresh scent created with a spcial blend of essential oils.

All you need is one tablespoon of our laundry soap for a small load! Yep, I said one tablespoon!
Our soap is great for all colors in cold or warm water, and is junk free!!


  1. I love the look of this blog..I'm looking forward to using Old School Laundry Soap, I mean we all want clean clothes, right? I don't have to buy commercial brands anymore, Old School is Awesome, and I love the smell...yummy!

  2. It is not surprising that Ms. Gunther would develop such an awesome soap-- she's all about high quality living in harmony with mother earth. I, too, am a convert to using a clothes line-- we have such amazing sun here in So Cal, and it is way faster and friendlier to the planet (and wallet) to dry clothes outside. I just love Old School; it smells so fresh! I feel good knowing my children aren't getting atificial fragrances and other chemicals on their clothes, too.

  3. Wait -- now where can *I* get some of this amazing soap!


  4. You can order right here on my blog by clicking the Buy it now button!! Tell your friends!
    Thank you for checking out Old School Brand, follow my blog for interesting articles and insights!!