Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am honored by the wisdom of the powerful matriarcs before me.

As I live longer the seeds of wisdom my ancestors planted have taken root and have broken the soil. In an ever changing world this wisdom is my guide in so many ways. I'm finding that there is a foundation in the basics. Tried and true as they say.I want to share some laundry tips with you that have worked for me over the years. 
I think it has been commercially assumed that everyone knows how to do laundry efficiently.
I mean, do you really follow the directions on the side of the box? Now the question remains to who's advantage is it to use 1/2 cup of detergent when a teaspoon will do the same if not better job? Just a thought..anyway, back to the tips...
Top Loaders: Allow your machine to fill with a little water in the bottom of the tub. Add the measured amount of soap, swish the water around, then add your laundry.
Front Loaders: Dissolve your measured amount in a cup of warm water. Add the liquid soap to your dispenser, then add your laundry.

Tough Stains: Moisten the stain with water, add a half teaspoon of Old School Brand to the spot. Scrub the area by hand or with a brush. For extra challenging stains, soak for fifteen minutes not longer. After treating, add to your regular wash.

Line dry your laundry if it's possible, even indoors! Air drying will brighten your whites and your clothes will smell wonderfully fresh! Just a thought, to keep dark's dark, wash and dry them inside out!!  You will definitely save energy and dollars by giving your dryer a vacation.

You do not need bleach with Old School Brand Laundry Soap! After a few washes & line dry's your whites should get brighter.

Finally, if your clothes feel a little crunchy after being lined dry, add a cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle. Trust me, your clothes will not smell like vinegar, but they will be softer without using perfumed dryer sheets!

These are just a few tips I wanted to share for now. When something else comes to me, I'll post it for you.  This blog thing is a new experience for me, but I thought it was a little faster than the underground railroad and I can reach more people with whatever thoughts or wisdom I can share.
I wish you all peace and clarity. Most of all, thank you for having the interest to read my blog.


  1. that was an education in 5 minutes! Thank you for the tips, I will try them out. I do my own laundry on the weekends and would like to do it the right way for a change, now I've gotten some much needed knowledge. I'm going downsyairs to the laundry room , NOW!
    thanks, Fluff/Eric

  2. Fluff, It's nice to meet you! The posted tips in terms of the amount of laundry soap per load apply's to when you use OLD SCHOOL BRAND. Commercial products will not clean your clothes even remotely with one tablespoon!
    Check back for more goodies!