Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take care of your body mind and spirit.

I've been reading articles on the state of our health care policy's. There is so much debate about how to create a standard of care for America's constituents. I believe that it's a hotbed issue because there are too many players in the game making huge amounts of money on health care. Reform of current policy's are intricate and politically charged. Million's are holding onto jobs that are not fulfilling just for the medical coverage. When one finds themselves in need of medical treatment or hospitalization there seems to be a loophole that dis-allows a particular procedure or medication. How many times have you gone to the doctor and he or she comes into the room holding a clipboard with your file, looks down at the file simultaneously asking you "what seems to be the problem"? I am a huge advocate of preventive health practices. I strongly believe that you can eat everything and anything, only in moderation. Think about what you're putting in your body. You don't really have to eat the whole box of chocolate, save some for later!
Get that body off the couch and AWAY from the T.V., get a good walk in at least two to three times a week.
Walk with a buddy, it's a lot easier and so much fun! Create a disco night, move the furniture and put on your favorite old school jam from the 70's. Be bold, get out your hair brush (microphone), and lip sync your favorite tune!! Who cares if your teenager rolls their eyes, move that body! You would be amazed at how good you'll feel after a good workout! the best part is that it's free! I dare you to learn the "Single Ladies" dance by Beyonce! Take time to give thanks. In the grand scheme of things you live in abundance. Give back in some way, even if it is to buy a cup of coffee for the person in line ahead of you at Starbucks. Take time for yourself and slow down. Seriously, there is only ONE of you and only you can love yourself unconditionally!
Remember this if nothing else, "If you think you can or you can't, then you're probably right"      -Henry Ford

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  1. Ha Ha - like singing the whole musical Evita with Madonna and Antonio Bandaros (?sp).... Whoo Hoo - but that was still TV...The words were all on the internet and I am thrilled to have them now in my library....