Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Christmas or what ever holiday you celebrate today has it's roots based in your childhood. At least that's how it is for me. I can remember how utterly excited we were to try and figure out what was in the various boxes under the tree!
There was mounting guesswork when a new present would mysteriously appear.  By the way the tree was this amazing aluminum perfectly A frame wonder that had a fold back pom pom at the end of each branch. The tree came in a box with numbered paper tubes that held different lengths of Mylar colored branches. The shorter ones started at the top with the longer ones at the bottom forming this Step ford like Xmas tree. The center of the tree looked like a tublar tripod with holes. Once the tree was completed assembly line style, my aunt would plug in the revolving red, blue, green and yellow wheel that changed the color of the tree every 5 seconds. The hard part was putting the tree away making sure to put the right branches in the right paper tubes. Otherwise there would be drama the next year, finger pointing  and who did it! Another memory was when I got my very own snub nose thirty eight with a Peter Gunn holster! OMG, I was the smoothest detective on the block! I must have been about 5 or 6! Oh yes, I got a Nun doll with a black and white habit the same Christmas. I LOVED that doll so much that I carried her everywhere. Imagine, wearing my snub nose under my jacket while carrying my nunn doll. That thought reveals a bit of my present personality. hmmm. Anyway, Christmas is for sharing, being with family, gratitude, forgiveness and many other wonderful times..
My question is, why not celebrate these values everyday? The reality is that it's not about buying stuff, guilt, angst, and family drama, you can get that all year round too! I say flip the switch, take 365 days and celebrate the people you love, the friendships you cherish, the gifts you were born with, your health, your freedom to choose! Take time for yourselves, be in your moment! If things are a little funky, take it one moment at a time until you can take it one day at a time. When you're done with the funky bit, cross it off your list and move on.
Thank you all for your support, your willingness to try something "NEW and Improved" and earth friendly!
I appreciate all the wonderful feed back and heart warming stories of blankets getting white again!
I'm looking forward to 20010 and all that awaits!
Feel free to drop me an email, let me know about the things that are of interest or thought provoking you would like to share. 
I wish for you all a BOUNTIFUL NEW YEAR!


  1. NIce post. We really should be celebrating and living our values everyday. If it is doing something as simple as using a clothes drying rack instead of an electric dryer or just sharing your smile with a stranger. We all have the potential to make everyday special.

  2. Yes we do Mary. I believe that is where PEACE begins and circulates in the universe. One person at a time, then collectively!
    Thank you for reading my blog, I wonder at times who if anyone reads my posts. I'm pleased that you found me!!
    Peace to you and yours, pass the word, oh yes, and the blog!!